Honey Braised WingsHoney Braised Wings

  These wings are what we're famous for.  If you like chicken wings, you'll love these. An Atlanta favorite for over 20 years.

Triple Chicken

If you like chicken, then you'll love this!  It's chicken three ways: Sweet & Sour, Braised Wings, and Chicken Fried Rice.



House Special

  These eight specially prepared succulent Honey Braised Wings are served with a generous portion of our famous Chicken Fried Rice.

Sesame Chicken SpecialSesame Chicken Special

For a taste of the exotic, our Sesame Chicken & Chicken Fried Rice is what you want.



Sesame Chicken SideSesame Chicken

Our Sesame Chicken is a delicious meal on its own or as a side to any other entree.



Super SpecialSuper Special

These 8 Braised Wings are cooked to perfection and served along side a steaming heap of Shrimp Fried Rice.



Lo MeinLo Mein Special

Chicken Lo Mein, Sesame Chicken & Chicken Fried Rice, all at a price that canít be beat.



Vegetable SpecialVegetable Special

For something a little more on the healthy side, try our Vegetable Special with a side of chicken fried rice.



House Special

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